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What’s blooming loveliest in August?

Try our pick of the most beautiful plants you can add to your arrangements now.

Princess Diana - Flowering in abundance from August to October, these small luminous pink, tulip-shaped flowers with pale yellow centres.

Tip: Cut back to the lowest pair of buds in February or March.

Height: 2.5m / Spread: 1m

Jackmanii - Flowering from June to September, their stunning, deep purple, velvety flowers are a perfect companion to a climbing rose.

Height: 3m / Spread: 1m

New love - These royal-blue, hyacinth-like flowers have a lovely sweet fragrance. Unlike most clematis, it grows into a low bush, so is a fab for filling gaps and borders in your flower patch arrangement.

Height: 50cm / Spread: 90cm

Needle palm - Evoke a style of a Mediterranean villa in a sunny border with tall spikes of bell-shaped, creamy-white flowers held above rosettes of stuff, sword-shaped leaves. Water well and feed regularly during the summer months.

Height: 75cm / Spread: 1.5m

Whats blooming lovely in your garden right now?


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