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Top 3 easy to grow house plants !

It can be slightly daunting when choosing a houseplant, questions you're bound to ask are: "where can I put it?", "is it easy to look after?" or "which room can I put it in?" ... amongst others.

Looking after a houseplant is surprisingly easy, just like any other plant; they need light, water and feed. Indirect sunlight is usually best so a sunny windowsill may not be the best place for them as they might get scorched, however, why not brighten up another part of the room where there's still plenty of light and your plant will thrive! Each plant will come with its own care instructions so you'll soon find the best place to grow yours.

If you're a novice to growing houseplants then picking one that's easy to grow could be the best choice. Many don't need specialist care and are quite happy in many places around the home. Here are three of the most popular and well known houseplants to get you started:

  1. Spider Plants

  1. Aloe Vera

  1. Epipremnum (Devil's Ivy)

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