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Three picture perfect September flower combinations

‘Modern Art’


Whorles of deep scarlet blooms with a shaggy dome of petals appear in profusion from June to September. Liven up a salad with the edible sweet, spicy petals.

Height: 60cm / Spread: 40cm


Coneflower ‘Herbstsonne’

Large, daisy- like flowers with drooping, sunny-yellow petals and bright green conical centres add a brilliant splash of colour. Loves a sunny spot but keep moist.

Height: 2m / Spread: 90cm


Gentian sage ‘Guanajuato’

A star performer with ethereal, vivid blue, parrot’s beak flowers on tall, scented foliage from June to October. Mulch in winter to protect from frost.

Height: 50cm / Spread: 45cm

make sure you come back, as we will have more picture perfect sets coming to you over the month!

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