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Three more picture perfect September combinations for your garde

‘Romantic movement’

Burnet ‘pink tanna’

A seemingly impossible balancing act of pink, bottlebrush-like flower heads on slender, wiry stems above fern-like foliage, Creates a graceful, see-through effect.

Height: 60cm / Spread: 75cm


Perennial phlox ‘roberta’

Eye-popping, fragrant, magenta-pink flowers are heavenly when mixed with softer pink. Provide support before flowers appear, and mulch in spring.

Height: 60cm / Spread: 40cm


Palm-leaf marsh mallow

Light and airy, the large, deep-pink flowers sway gently in the wind on tall, willowy stems. Place ear the back of the border in well-drained soil.

Height: 1.5m / Spread: 60cm

This is our second perfect September combinations! make sure to check out our previous three combos!

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