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This months veg - Plant

This is the second addition to our quick and snappy posts about the vital veg to look after in September.

Start planting now!


It's your last chance to transplant spring varieties to their final growing position.

Currants and gooseberries

Bare-rooted bushes should be planted this month or next. THis early organisation will help the roots to develop well.


Place these flavoursome bulbs in the veg bed for a fantastic boost to your cooking.


It is possible to plant bare-rooted vines in preparation for next season. Choose your preferred position wisly


Autumn sets can be planted now and in a few moths you will be rewarded with an abundance of bulbs.


Plant new sets can or divide established crops to enjoy larger harvests with a number of smaller crowns.


New crops can be planted out now, but keep an eye out for plummeting temperatures, and protect your edibles.-

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