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The number 1 way of how we deal with autumn debris.

When autumn delivers its bounty of fruitfulness, it also sends us a mountain of leaves. While many have fabulous colourful tints and look magnificent carpeting the ground, even these turn into stodgy messes in time.

Not only do lots of decomposing leaves look attractive, but also they encourage plants to start rotting too.

Even in reasonably small gardens, raking is a time-consuming chore, which is where a leaf blower or garden vac can be a godsend.

  • Leaf blowers blow the leaves off the surfaces and into piles for collecting and bagging.

  • Garden vacs are more versatile. As well as a blow mode, their vacuum mode sucks up the leaves too. Most also shred leaves as they suck, so they take up less space in the collector bag and you won't have to empty it so often.

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