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The autumn pruning

It's time to get the garden prepared for winter, keeping trees and shrubs in shape so that they will be healthy and clean for the next growing season.

Pruning and cutting back things like hedges and borders can be done easily, now that the birds are well and truly finished with nesting and fledgling. The wind has probably knocked down many of our grasses and flowers, and most of things will have become rough around the edges.

The great news is that taking action now will mean that your plants will look neat throughout winter and won't need urgent attention in spring.

Fruit trees:

In order to encourage the young fruit tree to grow into its best shape - with a clear trunk and well-shaped branches.Autumn is a perfect time for removing unwanted branches from the main structure.


Only after they begin flowering by thinning congested growth.


If pruned in spring or early summer, these beautiful trees tend to bleed. Its a perfect time to prune now, as the sap flow has sowed, in autumn.

Herbaceous perennials:

Those that have gone over now, prune. Remember to collect seeds to sow next year and leave some seed heads for the birds in winter.


Cut back these climbers: honeysickle, jasmine and passiflora, once the flowers have finished growth. Don't forget to train and tie in branches you want to keep.

Be careful NOT to prune these little delicate!

Rose that from hips - These little red balls are a fantastic source of food for mice, insects and birds;

Veg or herbs - You don't want to miss allowing the seeds to mature on these plants. Save yourself some money next year on seeds;

Hydrangeas - Wait until spring next year;

Conifers - If cut, these will be left brown and patchy;

Ivy - This glorious plant provides a super food source for insects, after it comes into flower.

Share what your Autumn pruning plans are!

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