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Pruning your hedges - Evergreen

A strong evergreen hedge can bring a great structure and backdrop of green to a colourful and lively garden. However, let them get out of control and they will be the source of stress and pain. This is why we advise pruning your evergreen hedge little and often.

Most can cope with a tough, regenerative prune once they become unruly - but the recovery can be long. By pruning in September you can avoid infections that would most likely occur if foliage is damaged by frost, scorching sunlight or drought.

Step by step

  1. Make sure your hedge is clean before pruning, especially for a box hedge. Start with the sides, making sure the top tapers by having a narrower top than the base. This allows for airflow and provides extra stability.

  2. Trim the top of the hedge, being careful to keep the blades nice and level. Taking things off but by bit is always a smart idea. Patience is key. A top tip is to use a string-line as a guide. Top tip - Start from the bottom of the hedge and slowly work your way upward.

  3. Now to clean up, leaving foliage on the ground will cause damage to the lawn, make sure to rake the clippings from the lawn. Although they have a waxy cuticle, boc clippings are still a great addition to compost heaps.

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