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Pleasant peanut surprises to help you get the most out of your peanut growth.

Confused? I completely understand why. As much as the English language wants us to believe a peanut (Arachis hypogaea) is a Nut, it is in fact a seed producing legume and id say one of the most useful food sources on earth.

There are many varieties of peanut that will grow well in the UK. We recommend the stripy red and with A ‘Just be happy’.

In standard conditions you should receive over 100 nuts per plant, but with optimal conditions you can achieve double this.

Surprisingly, as well as being novel and rewarding, the peanut is a fairly easy green to grow. It is best to sow the peanut in May, in a moist but free draining soil, outdoors, at around 30cm centres. Doing this should allow the plants to flower mid summer, at which point once pollinated, the plant pushes the bloom underground ready to start producing peanuts.


  • High protein

  • High calorie food

  • Cooking oil

  • Milk substitute

  • Ground cover

  • Nitrogen fixing

  • Mulch

  • Compost supplement

Here is a great video link with helpful tips on how to grow by H&H Creations:

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