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How to bring a modern edge to your garden

In recent years, the big difference we have noticed between a traditional cottage garden and the current on-trend gardens are a little secret - frothy plants with lots of tiny flowers. Here are 9 blooms to bring a modern edge to your garden:

On-trend umbellifers -

The go to choice for garden designers right now, these umbrellas of small flowers are held together by sprays of short stalks.

White Lace flower

This little thing combines silver-grey filigree foliage and white lace cap flowers.

Sow the seeds in autumn

Height: 1m / Spread: 50cm

Cow Parsley ‘Ravens Wing’

With deliciously dark stems and leaves. To keep the colour, only leave the seed heads on the darkest plants.

Height: 1.5m . Spread 50cm

Baltic Parsley

A designer favourite because its lacy-white flower heads have a hint of spring-green in summer and autumn.

Height: 1.5m / Spread: 50cm

Easy-grow showstoppers -

Without even trying, these stunners will wow!

Flowering sea-kale

This magnificent flower produces a branching tangle of stems covered in tiny white flowers, which grow to great heights.

Height: 2.5m / Spread: 1.5m

Verbena ‘Bampton’

The little pink flower will be familiar, but the leaves and stems of this unusual verbena have a purple sheen that will stop everyone in their tracks.

Height: 1m / Spread: 1m

Bleeblossom ‘The bride’

The profusion of frothy blooms on this variety last from May to November and rasie incredulous eyebrows from garden visitors.

Height: 90cm / Spread: 60cm

Airy clouds of loveliness -

Create a haze of teeny-tiny blooms held aloft on slim stems.

Baby’s breath

Once the scourge of the supermarket bouquets, is now hugely popular again. Try their tiny, soft-pink pom-pom blooms.

Height: 50cm / Spread: 50cm

Chinese meadow rue

This flower produces sprays of tiny lilac, which flower in August. It needs fertile soil and takes time to establish, but it’s worth it.

Height: 1.5m / Spread: 50cm

Great burnet

The tiny wine-red bobbles last from summer into autumn. Its happy in pretty much any spot, as long as its sunny.

Height: 2.5m / Spread: 50cm

Let us know if you have any questions on how to modernise your garden!

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