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Hello to the Olive Tree community,

Firstly, although the last few months have been a challenge - we want to thank you all for trusting and sticking with us - as we manoeuvre through the unforeseen circumstances that hit us all. Thankfully we have be

en able to stay in operation, enjoying every second tending to your gardens while you could not.

We also want to welcome new Olive Tree clients that have graciously welcomed us into their gardens, over the last few months. It is our pleasure to bring you and your garden some tlc as you expand your garden spaces.

As we look to the future we want to share our plans and goals with our community. We already do a great job at providing a physical service, but we want to extend that service into this digital space. We want to provide inspiring and helpful content that you can implement into your own gardens and homes when we are not there. We will be sharing with you

our trade secrets, gardening tips and years of knowledge, so that you can bring your garden some Olive Tree love when we are not there to.

Make sure you subscribe, join the Facebook group and share with friends and family as we begin to roll out guides, garden news, ‘how to's’ and advice on everything Olive Tree and gardening.

If you have any suggestions or content you want to see, please let us know down below!

We have an exciting year of growth ahead and look forward to growing with you.

Yours sincerely

The Olive Tree team

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