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Broad beans and how to grow them!

Sow a crop of broad beans this autumn to overwinter for next year. Compared to French and runners, broad beans are trickier to grow. Like peas, the plants prefer cooler weather and quickly go off in the heat of summer. The danger is rotting in wet soil but is easlily remedied by sowing into a slightly raised bed.

If in colder areas of the UK, now in October, But if you are in milder regions of the UK, sow in November. Cropping begins in June. Sow again in early February into modules under glass to avoid our saturated soil. Sowing indoors and outdoors can continue into April. To save the pods from toppling over, make sure to wind string around canes that follow the growth of the plant.

Spacing apart: 23cm / Spacing rows: 25cm

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