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5 things to remember when it comes to pruning

1) The tools of the trade:

You need loppers, a pruning saw, a knife, a pair of secateurs and a pair of thick gloves for effective and safe pruning;

2) Pruning restricted forms:

Of apples and pears such as espaliers, cordons and step-overs in late summer, cutting back new growth to one or two buds;

3) Correct pruning:

A clean and smooth, correct pruning cut is made close to the adjacent branch or trunk. Avoid cutting the branch flush with the trunk and possibly damaging it;

4) Incorrect pruning:

To prevent the branch tearing from the weight of the fruit tree’s branch, it should first have been undercut before the main cut is done from the above;

5) Incorrect pruning:

Make sure to not tear branches but not using an undercut and make sure to make cuts the correct distance from the trunk.

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