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Spider plants, peace lilies and cacti!

House plants - I love them! Not only do they look great in your home, but they also help to clean the air you breathe, provide more oxygen, and some say they have a calming effect which in turn can aid the body's natural healing process by lowering your blood pressure and anxiety levels. And there are so many varieties to choose from! Many of which are low maintenance, which is good news if you're not naturally gifted with green fingers!

Now's the time of year to give back to your leafy friends by putting them outside to lap up that beautiful sunshine. Conservatory plants can be moved into the garden during warm days, but bring them back indoors when the nights are expected to be cold. Orchids, in particular, will thank you for this!

It's also a good time of year to get some Spring cleaning done - yes, I'm talking about the house plants! Wipe down shiny leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust, and use a soft brush to clean spiky cacti. A clean plant is a happy plant!

Caring for your house plants also means checking if they are root bound - this means that the plant is too big for its container and it can no longer spread its roots to find the sustenance it needs to survive. A root bound plant may wilt quickly, have yellow or brown leaves, especially near the bottom of the plant, or have stunted growth. If you are unsure, try to take your plant out of its container - if this proves difficult, it is probably too small a container.

Your options at this juncture are to repot the plant, prune the roots, or divide it into two parts, but check before you act as some plants don't like to be disturbed. Some plants even prefer to stay root bound, as the level of stress forces caused by it force them into survival mode where they produce better blooms!

Finally, some indoor plants prefer lots of water and cool conditions, like beautiful azaleas. They also prefer rainwater to tap water so you will want to think about installing a water butt if you have these at home!

Would you like help choosing which house plants to adorn your shelves with? We might be able to suggest some varieties to you that you had not heard of before, or we can suggest designs that will suit your home and garden. We're passionate about plants and keen to help you transform your home, outdoors and in! So, contact us now using the details at the top of this website page.

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