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How to prune colourful winter stems

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Is your garden decked out with the beautifully colourful stems of the dogwood, bramble, or willow? Do you have a neat eucalyptus bush adorning your garden perimeter? If you want to see these wonderful plants in full bloom, then now is the time to prune them back hard to ground level.

When to prune

Late March to mid-April is the ideal time to prune, just before leaves start to appear. Prune them to about one or two buds of last year's growth, leaving a stubby plant low down at the ground. The plant will respond to this hard pruning with vigorous growth and larger, stronger leaves.

Image by Steve James on Flickr

Things to do with colourful plant stems

Why not utilise the bright coloured stems as plant supports, or take your willow stems to a weaving workshop? Stems can even be used in rehabilitation centres for use in occupational therapy. We hate to see things go to waste, so get creative with your discarded greenery!

Pruning tips: eucalyptus

Eucalyptus can be kept conveniently as a bush, rather than being allowed to grow into a tree (which you may not have room for), by pruning it hard to about 15cm from the ground. It makes a very attractive bush with colours that complement a variety of flowers and other shrubs.

Pruning tips: roses

This is also the time of year to prune roses, both bush and shrub. Prune them hard to encourage vigorous growth and a wonderful display of flowers. Be careful with those thorns, though!

If you need a hand with any of these gardening services, we'd love to help. We can arrange a visit to advise you on how and what to prune, and how to keep your plants healthy and full of vibrant colour. Our soft landscaping expertise can bring new style and colour into your garden year on year.

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