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How to look after plants in the wind

A gust of wind can either be laughed at by our tall garden beings, or in the worst case, be absolutely destroyed if hit at the right angle.

This blast of wind can do one of a few things:

  • Jostle and knock over your potted plants;

  • Cause physical damage including collapsing and being uprooted - after a heavy breeze check for root or stem damage, and prune out any obviously impaired areas;

  • Wind-scorched leaves - which appear crumpled or browning that have lost moisture;

In many ways there’s nothing you can do to prevent wind damage, but keep an eye on them and check for damage.

Below are precautions and post-damage steps to try and help your plants get back on their feet again.

1) Think about plant choice

Are your plants hardy and don’t mind exposure? Evergreens such as camellias are prone to wind scorch.

2) Keep plants watered, fed and sheltered

It pays to water and feed your plants well anyway, but particularly after a heavily windy couple of days.

3) Make the chop

Cut down collapsed and irreparable herbaceous plants or shrubs and prune out damaged stems on trees.

4) Earth up tall veg

Crops such as sweetcorn can be earthed up at their bases so they stand stronger and are less likely to fall.

5) Staked really well with thick canes

Plants such as tall thalictrum, sunflowers or delphiniums, for example, need a bit of help keeping upright. Staking and tucking upright back in the soil again should solve any issues.

Let us know if you need any help or bespoke solutions to your gardening needs!

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