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Gardening for your wellbeing

Mental health, wellbeing, mindfulness... These are the buzz words of our daily life, and with good reason. An increase in mental health awareness means that many of us are getting more in tune with our body and mind, and people are increasingly incorporating healthy practices into their day-to-day to help calm the nerves and reduce stress. You might be a wannabe yogi, or an advocate of mindful practice. You might consciously fill your body with superfoods, or perhaps you don't drink alcohol. But have you considered that gardening could also be beneficial to your mental and physical health?

Nurture your soul

There are a whole host of reasons why gardening is good for the mind and soul. Humans are programmed to nurture; we do it with our loved ones, our children, our pets. You need bags of love and care to grow a plant from seed to bloom, as well as patience and the desire to succeed.

Get fit!

Gardening also offers us a moderate level of physical activity, which is essential for a healthy body. The motto of The Royal College of Psychiatrists' is, "No health without mental health", which is a poignant phrase that simply highlights the intrinsic connection between our mind and body. Any damage to one results in damage to the other, and conversely, looking after one will keep the other in good order too. And exercise does not have to mean a half marathon or swimming 20 lengths of an Olympic-sized pool; gardening is as valid a form of exercise as a high-intensity workout.

Reducing screen time

Taking some time out of the daily grind to plant a packet of seeds, fork over your soil, prune a bush, or harvest some salad leaves for lunch can have a huge positive impact on your happiness. After all, us humans have only spent a mere 1% of our existence staring at screens or sitting in offices, with the lion's share of our time being spent foraging and farming. It's no surprise that spending time in the fresh air caring for these cellular structures feels natural to us. With a bit of pre-planning and time and effort, you too can be the proud owner of an abundant vegetable patch, a brightly coloured flower bed, or a hoard of tropical plants in your living room. You can then kick back with a cuppa (perhaps made from your very own herb garden??) and survey your efforts with great joy.

Advice from the RHS

Ellen Mary from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has some great ideas for you to try in the featured video. Her three top tips are; sow seeds, dig and fork over your soil, and plant herbs for you and for wildlife.

As your local gardening firm, we have a wealth of horticultural knowledge and experience, and we would love to help you out with your projects, large or small. We can advise you on the soil type and growing conditions in the area, as we have worked in many spaces similar to yours over the years, or if you prefer, we can get the hard work done for you so you can simply enjoy the results and relax with friends and family amongst the bright colours and beautiful foliage.

We hope this article inspires you as it has us, and we hope to ignite within you a passion for the power of plants.

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